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Healthcare advisory services

We help our clients to deliver major, sustainable improvements in performance across their business operations and clinical services by designing and implementing innovative proven digital health solutions.

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Hospital Care

Avoidable hospital admissions are rising dramatically on a worldwide basis (more…)

Integrated care

Primary care services are being impacted by three mega-trends—aging  (more…)

Home Care

Many health care providers have been disappointed recently (more…)

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Our Tech Partner

Medteryx is the ANZ distribution agent for Medixine (Oy). Medixine is based in Finland and is a recognised leader in integrated care and remote patient monitoring across Europe and UK. For example, Medixine’s Clinical Suite solution for early hospital discharge has recently been used to significantly reduce hospital length of stay in the UK by up to 5 days. Also Medixine’s COPD / Asthma solution has been used in an ongoing program by the NHS to reduce avoidable emergency department admissions by 45%. Also Medixine now provides innovative solutions for COVID-19 screening and quarantined patient management. For additional use case examples, see the client references below.

COVID-19 Risk Screening

Medixine COVID-19 Screener

Compatible Home Monitoring Devices

Including latest wearables

COVID-19 Temperature tracking

COVID-19 Quarantine Monitoring

Client Reference Mental Health

Addiction disorders

Client Reference Student Health

National Platform for Finnish Universities

Client Reference Wellness

Nutrition management

Client Reference Mother & Child

At-risk youth pregnancy

Client Reference Primary Care

GP tele-health Southern Denmark

Client Reference Pt Monitoring

Customer base 1.5 million people


Medteryx provides performance improvement and digital health program design and implementation advisory services to healthcare clients. We deliberately specialise in the healthcare sector and we develop actionable performance improvement programs leveraging digital health solutions to deliver measurable outcomes.

This is because we know how frustrating it can be for healthcare clients to receive generic ‘digital transformation’ recommendations from generalist consultants and remote outsourcing firms. Their junior teams often lack the problem solving horsepower and pragmatic, clinical work-force change management experience necessary to deliver real outcomes and breakthroughs in performance.


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Largest Client

Medteryx’s largest healthcare client. Our digital visual performance monitoring tools for focusing improvement activities are being rolled-out to 3,000 people in front line teams

Capacity Improvement

The number of hospital operating theatres Medteryx worked with to implement digital tools to improve late starts, early finishes and turn-around times of 5% year-on-year

Integrated Care

External funding our team has raised for clients based on successful integrated care tenders proposing new models of digital health care and population health program evaluations

Asian Expansion

Medteryx has completed 12 Asian growth strategies over the last 9 years for medtech, pharma and private hospital clients including innovative solutions to build tele-health patient referral platforms


May 2020 | Medteryx and Medixine partner to submit COVID-19 Clinical Suite solution for ADHA Innovation Challenge 

Medteryx COVID-19

Ask for a demo of Medixine Suite COVID-19 existing solutions used in Europe

Medixine HISA ATC, Web Client


Thank you for your interest in Medteryx’s healthcare advisory services and digital health program implementation expertise. Contact our Client Services Manager with any questions.


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